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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics as Expositor of Environmental Responsibility.

It is a GCC priority to develop our operations in harmony with nature. Because of that, we foment the development and implementation of prevention, control and environmental impact-reduction systems in all of our business units.

The Code of Ethics as a Promoter of Safety.

The general safety and health of our labor force are part of the GCC Culture. These are priority premises in the way the company does things, and in which the employee, the equipment, the intellectual legacy, the installations and the communities that sorround us are maintained within a safe environment.

The Code of Ethics as an Essential Element in the Relationships with our Interest Groups.


The selection and hiring of personnel will be based on skill level and competency, and on the identification of the candidates with the company's values, and never on other prefererences, such as appearance, age, marital status, affinities, friendships, etc.


We expect to establish with customers/clients an open, honest and professional relationship in regards to supplying for delivering quality products, on time, and on the terms agreed upon.


To institute relationships of trust and of mutual benefit in the long term with our providers, offering them equal opportunities, respect and integrity.


All interactions with governments will always be within the rules & regulations and any and all existing laws.

GCC Code of Ethics

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