Saco Microsilex

• A brand new concrete densifier and strength enhancer

Microsilex® is a natural silica based pozzolan. It is manufactured under carefully controlled conditions, which produce a consistent and high performing product.

The addition of Microsilex® to fresh concrete improves strength and durability without creating finishing problems that are sometimes associated with other pozzolans.

Microsilex® is a light tan color. It will not darken concrete, and is compatible with concrete pigments. Test panels of pigmented concrete should always be constructed to verify colors.


• Storage and handling precautions:

  • Microsilex® should always be stored in a dry environment.
  • Microsilex® is not considered a hazardous material. However Microsilex® contains silica, and care should be taken to avoid breathing dust particles. GCC will ship a Microsilex® Safety Kit to the customer prior to the first concrete placement.
  • In case of a spill, please refer to the Microsilex MSDS sheet for cleanup procedures.

• Packed and Shipped

Microsilex® is shipped in pneumatic bulk trucks, bulck sacks, or water soluble 25 pound bags.