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Cement Plant Only Manufacturing Facility in Colorado to Receive Energy Star Certification

DENVER – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that GCC’s cement plant in Pueblo earned ENERGY STAR certification for its superior energy performance in 2018. It was the only manufacturing facility in all of Colorado to receive the prestigious award.

“ENERGY STAR certified plants perform in the top 25 percent of similar facilities nationwide,” said Enrique Escalante, GCC CEO. “We’re proud to say that our Pueblo plant scored a perfect 100, proving it is tops in energy efficiency in manufacturing.”

“By meeting ENERGY STAR’s strict standards, our plants are saving energy, saving money and helping protect the environment,” said Alex Alarcon, Pueblo plant manager.

GCC’s plant in Tijeras, New Mexico, also received the ENERGY STAR seal of approval.

The EPA announced that in 2018, 100 plants received the certification. Together, they reduced their energy bills by more than $400 million, saved more than 70 trillion British thermal units (TBtu) of energy, and achieved broad emissions reductions, including 4.5 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. The energy savings are enough to meet the annual energy needs of nearly 440,000 American households.


EPA’s ENERGY STAR industrial program provides industry-specific energy benchmarking tools and other resources for 19 different types of manufacturing plants, enabling plants to compare energy performance to others in the same industry and establish meaningful energy performance benchmarks and goals. Only plants in the top 25 percent of energy performance nationwide can earn the ENERGY STAR. Plants from the automotive, baking, cement, corn refining, food processing, glass manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and petroleum refining sectors are among those that qualified in 2018.


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