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Our Challenges

We strive to ensure Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua’s sustainably in three key areas: Finances, Environment and Social Responsibility.

  • Finances

    We are focused on improving profitability in order to maximize shareholders’ value, offering the best products to our customers and building a Great Place to Work® for employees.

We are improving our sales strategies and our production processes, as well as strengthening administration policies, all of which provide effective controls on expenses, investments and proper management of working capital.

At GCC, we are constantly monitoring and analyzing growth options through expansion, acquisition and development of strategic alliances that strengthen our Company’s presence and generate greater profitability and business value.

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  • Environment

    Accutely aware that the future belongs to sustainable companies, we focus on activities that counterbalance our impact on the environment.

We operate sustainable plants that produce and sell our products. We continuously improve emissions control and reduction as part of our commitment to sustainability.

Year 2015
Capital investments related to ever-changing environmental regulations in the USA (NESHAP) were successfully completed; ensuring GCC remains in full compliance with the environmental standards required by the US Government. In Mexico, we proactively worked closely with both authorities and associations to be in full compliance with any applicable standards and regulations.

  • Year 2012
    We are fully committed into integrating sustainable development in our business strategy. Since 2012, GCC has been a member of the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) launched by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), where we work on climate and energy, health and safety, sustainable construction, local impacts and resources efficiency goals.
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In Mexico, we belong to CESPEDES, the Mexican Chapter of WBCSD, whose purpose is implementing sustainable practices among its members.

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  • Social Responsibility

    A key factor for sustainable growth is society and the communities in which we operate. GCC is actively involved in programs that foster culture, education, sports and welfare for both our employees and our communities.

In 2015, together with 29 other organizations, we supported Building a Sustainable Chihuahua initiative, to solve our communities’ main needs as far as sustainable construction is concerned, and focused on the following areas: (i) Water, (ii) Urban Development, Housing and Mobility, (iii) Power, and (iv) Education. In 2017 we are sponsoring several projects launched by the society. For further information, please visit:www.chihuahuasustentable.org

  • GCC promotes health care and sports.
    Every year GCC organizes and promotes “Health Day” and a variety of prevention programs, with employees and within our communities. We have joined awareness campaigns on breast cancer in many of our communities in Mexico and the United States, including painting ready-mix concrete trucks pink, as a sign of GCC’s solidarity in finding a cure for breast cancer.
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We promote involvement in sports by sponsoring employee teams in variety of in-house tournaments, and within our communities, we support state and local teams, including baseball, soccer, tennis and weight-lifting.

We are implementing an organization-wide program to improve safety, occupational health and welfare for our employees and contractors. Our purpose is not only observing regulations at the sites where we operate, but also improving welfare, driving, training and safety practices by anyone entering our premises.

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