Chihuahua Milenario

Chihuahua Milenario

Panoramic view of Chihuahua; a vast and diverse exploration on different scenarios that make up the state. Spanish


Eduardo Méndez Olmedo 


  • Ignacio Guevara


  • Beatriz Braniff Cornejo, Roberto Baca Ornelas and others

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A work composed of seven spaces, occupied by rigorous research and masterful images, whose settings form an important part of the state’s vast workmanship. “Chihuahua Milenario” invites the reader into the natural landscapes, the vestiges of the ancient world, the footprints of the viceroyalty, the epic poetry of the 19th century and the milestones of the 20th and 21st centuries that shaped the integrating elements of the Chihuahua people’s worldview. Available in Spanish

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