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Specialty Products

bag of Komponent


KSC Technology® is a shrinkage-compensating, expanding concrete additive. Expansion counteracts the natural tendency of traditional concrete to shrink and crack. Joints are nearly unnecessary.

bag of Metaforce


Metaforce is a highly reactive and consistent manufactured pozzolan that improves the performance and durability of Portland Cement in concrete mixes. It has been successfully used as an alternative for fly ash.

bag of microsilex


Microsilex is a premium high-performance product. Enhancements include long-term strength, workability, reduced permeability, resistance to sulfates and reduced alkali silica reactivity (ASR). Ideal for bridge decks, paving and high-performance needs

Rapid Set

Rapid Set® Cement is a solution for concrete applications requiring the highest durability and fastest strength gain. Gain 5,000 psi in three hours with Rapid Set® for an unparalleled concrete performance. GCC is an exclusive dealer.

Bag of Versabind


Versabind® is cementitious and is used as filler in asphalt mixes as a replacement for lime. Versabind® is also useful in certain soil stabilization applications. Versabind is a finely ground blend of hydraulic calcium silicates and calcium sulfate.

Mill Certificates and Tests