Historical Atlas of the City of Chihuahua

Historical Atlas of the City of Chihuahua

Historical compendium of the city of Chihuahua in commemoration of the tricentennial of its founding. Spanish


Eduardo Méndez Olmedo 


  • Ignacio Guevara


  • Carlos Gonzalez Herrera, Chantal Craumaussel, Jesus Vargas and others

Peek inside the book

Take a look at the history of the beautiful city of Chihuahua, including historical and cultural events. The Atlas is divided into three sections corresponding to each of the three centuries of the city’s history. The book begins with the founding of that 18th century settlement with the name of San Francisco de Cuéllar, later San Felipe El Real de Chihuahua, continues through the turbulence of the 19th century and ends with the contributions of the 20th century. The work will leave the reader thinking about the incredible heritage of the people of Chihuahua. Available in Spanish

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