The Privilege of Light

The Privilege of Light

An exploration of the underground wonders of Mexico: consecration to caving and to the underground space where darkness reigns. English and Spanish


Eduardo Méndez Olmedo 


  • Frank Abatto, Philippe Ackerman, Kasia Biernacka and others


  • Carlos Lazcano Sahagún

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This work is dedicated to the wonders hidden under our feet; they show that those imagined by the human mind are nothing before the creativity of nature itself. “The Privilege of Light: Subterranean Wonders of Mexico” addresses the subterranean geography of Mexico, its abysses and hidden canyons, its great waterfalls and rivers; its immense halls, galleries and passages; its giant crystals and other formations; and presents the rooms of the Naica mine. Available in Spanish and English

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