Sebastian, The language of the universe

Sebastian, The language of the universe

A tribute to the best-known Mexican sculptor in the world and his work. Spanish


Beatriz Quintar Hinojosa 


  • Enrique Bostelman


  • Carlos Montemayor, Ignacio Solares and Víctor Hugo Rascón Banda

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Enrique Carbajal, better known to the world as Sebastián. is the best known of Mexico’s monumental sculptors. This book deals with topics as diverse as the days of Sebastian’s infancy, the triumphal return as a consecrated artist, the analysis and transcendence of his works, and even reflections on eternity and the sculptor’s ability to discover what is hidden. “Sebastian, the language of the universe” depicts an artist of flesh and blood, and at the same time contributes to the construction of myth and legend. Available in Spanish

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