The Enchantments of Other Times

The Enchantments of Other Times

A window into the enchantments of bygone times and an important chapter in the history of the state. Spanish


Eduardo Méndez Olmedo


  • Carlos Lazcano Sahagún

Author and Editor

  • Alma Montemayor

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This work opens a window to the enchantments of past times, pushing the reader to look at an important footprint in the heritage of the haciendas of Chihuahua. Through the exciting text and photographic portraits, the reader will become engrossed in the incredible events and stories that took place behind closed doors, thus reviving an important chapter in the history of the state. The book, with 10 years of work for its preparation, is organized in three chapters, making a brief reference to the origins of the haciendas in the state of Chihuahua, as well as an approach to 12 and nine haciendas located, respectively, in the south and central region of Chihuahua. “The Enchantments of Other Times” aims to disseminate the cultural heritage of the people of Chihuahua. Available in Spanish

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