I-10 Connect was a multi-year project completed by Sundt Construction requiring more than 100,000 tons of asphalt material, as well as aggregates and concrete paving. Materials included everything from Bond Breaker to Super Pave mixes, all of which were developed by GCC and approved by the Texas Department of Transportation for the project. 

The ASCE describes the project: “The I-10 Connect project consists of progressive highway design elements and involves extensive coordination with the largest US/Mexico Port of Entry in El Paso, the Bridge of the Americas (BOTA).

The project expands US 54, I-10, I-110, and US 62 (Paisano), and includes eight bridge replacements, one railroad overpass, five bridge widenings, and two new direct connectors. The project widens I-110, provides separate truck lanes for Southbound traffic going to Mexico, and provides multi-modal improvements along US 62 which experiences more than 1 million pedestrian crossings per year. Once complete, the project will provide unprecedented connection to multiple high-volume arteries and alternate routes. The project design was completed in 10 months, and the cost estimates were within two percent of the low bid.”