CHIHUAHUA, Mexico — GCC, in its quest to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions, developed a construction system for industrial floors in large format slabs, up to 1,500 m² without a joint control, shrinkage-compensating concrete floor.

This high-tech solution is achieved from Expan 500, an expander additive that is part of GCC’s special products catalog.

In 2019, GCC developed this technology in alliance with Micropavimentos, a leading company in the placement of industrial floors.

The distribution center project in the city of Chihuahua consisted of the construction of 35 thousand square meters of shrinkage-compensating concrete floor, obtaining an outstanding result in the functionality of the project, such as flatness, durability and reduction of maintenance costs.

GCC continues to innovate and meet the needs of its customers with comprehensive solutions, such as the shrinkage-compensating concrete floors.

Shrinkage-compensating concrete
Shrinkage-compensating concrete


  • Generate an alliance between experts and GCC knowledge to generate a quality system, the customer can trust.
  • Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the builder expert Micropavimentos.
  • Obtain contracts with greater financial capacity than those that Micropavimentos can usually manage.
  • GCC obtains the curriculum of the work in which Micropavimentos has participated for more than 15 years.
  • Achieve increased Expan 500 sales and utility of specialty products.
  • Obtain profit from the placement service and not only from the sale of the product.
  • Guarantee the client a correct application of the system
  • Entering a market niche with growing demand and need for this type of technology