Well Cement

GCC's well cements provide superior strength and set times for the rigors in the field under extreme conditions.


Mill Certificates and Tests

Well Cement Products

Class C

Class C's high, early strength gives predictable thickening time and is perfect for use in surface and shallow well applications. GCC's Class C provides superior high-sulfate resistance (HSR) protecting the well from extreme sulfate attack.

Class G

Class G well cement fulfills the onerous requirements of API Specification 10A, such as predictable thickening time, low viscosity, low free fluid, fluid loss control and strength.

Class H

GCC's Class H well cement performs excellently in the demanding conditions of deep and horizontal wells and under extreme temperature and pressure. It provides superior high-sulfate (HSR) resistance and protects the well from extreme sulfate attack.

bag of microsilex

Microsilex for Oil and Gas

Microsilex is a natural silica based product with pozzolonic properties. It acts a replacement for silica fume in oil and gas well cement slurries. Microsilex enhances strength, reduces permeability and helps mitigate sulfate attack.

Mill Certificates and Tests