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GCC makes many cements ideally suited for construction projects like paving, bridges, floors, foundations, walls and soil stabilization.


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Construction Products

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Type I/II

Type I/II is a general-purpose cement meeting the requirements of ASTM C 150 for Type I and Type II. Type II cement provides moderate sulfate resistance and is widely used in paving, bridges, floors, foundations, walls, driveways, sidewalks.

Type III

Type III achieves higher, earlier strengths and is commonly used in precast/pre-stressed products as well as structures or pavements that need to be put into service quickly.

Type V

Type V resists severe sulfate attack and is typically used where concrete will be in contact with soils, saltwater, or groundwater with high sulfate levels. It is ideal anywhere concrete will be exposed to sulfates.

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Masonry cement is the binding agent for mortar in brick and concrete block construction including structural, architectural, and landscape projects.

Concrete Overlay


PLC/1L is Portland Limestone Cement. This general-purpose cement adds finely ground limestone to provide superior particle packing for a denser, more durable matrix. PLC meets the performance specifications of ASTM C 595 with less CO2/ton.


GCC's precise blend of Portland cement and pozzolon meets or exceeds all specifications for ASTM C-595. This premiere product uses the best pozzolons available to provide improved finishes, water demand and strength - all while reducing CO2 impact.

Mill Certificates and Tests