On Thursday, December 7th, GCC proudly hosted a memorable event at Casa Chihuahua, Cultural Heritage Center, to unveil “Vaqueros: Cultural Heritage of Chihuahua,” the 28th volume of our esteemed editorial collection. The evening was not just a book launch but a celebration of our region’s vaquero culture, a journey through the centuries that has shaped their enduring legacy.

We reveled in the unveiling of this work, which stands as a testament to the vaqueros’ profound influence on the cultural and economic tapestry of Chihuahua. The book features Nacho Guerrero’s evocative photography, marking his fifty-year career milestone, and scholarly insights from historians Alonso Domínguez, Mario Domínguez, and Paola Juárez. Together, they have created a comprehensive narrative that traces the vaqueros’ journey from their historical roots to their current significance.

The release of “Vaqueros: Cultural Heritage of Chihuahua” is an immersive experience, inviting readers to delve into the life of the vaqueros. The book and the concurrent photographic exhibition, which will remain open at Casa Chihuahua until January 2024, offer a window into a world where past and present converge, where the vaqueros’ spirit continues to resonate in every facet of regional life—from fashion and cuisine to the arts.

This event has continued GCC’s tradition, which began in 1998, of chronicling the rich tapestry of Chihuahua’s history and culture. Our editorial collection, featuring distinguished works such as “Chihuahua, Tres Siglos de Historia” and “Ciudad Juárez, Espejo del Futuro,” reaffirms our unwavering commitment to preserving and sharing the diverse narratives and heritage of our region.

By commemorating the vaqueros and their indelible mark on our society, GCC fosters a sense of pride and community among its employees and everyone from Chihuahua. We are dedicated to inspiring future generations and ensuring the vaquero spirit remains a vibrant part of our identity.

The book presentation and exhibition have left a lasting impression, reminding us of the significance of our collective history and the power of storytelling. It is a legacy that each GCC employee and resident of Chihuahua can take pride in being part of.

For more information on GCC’s editorial collection and to discover the enchanting world of the vaqueros, please visit GCC’s Book Collection.